Meet the Team

Audri Piper

Sales and Event Director

Audri Piper serves as the Sales and Event Director for The Barn at Raccoon Creek and has been a part of the team since The Barn was constructed. Audri really likes to focus on the little details that make an event come together. “Without the little details, you don’t have a big picture,” she says.

Prior to joining Raccoon Creek, she started her career in the hospitality industry at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. She says that was where she really fell in love with event and wedding planning. After that, Audri moved to Denver to finish school and worked at two other local wedding venues. The most fulfilling part of her job, she says, is that she gets to be a part of someone’s special day. Knowing that she contributed to his or her happiness makes all the hard work worth it.

Audri has lived in Denver for the past 6 years. She graduated from Metro State University with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism with a concentration in Event Management. In her spare time, she enjoys being outside hiking, camping, and biking. She also enjoys spending time with her animals — and she fosters greyhounds through CGA. Audri has no children, but she considers her dogs, Venice, Egypt, and Cleo, her babies.

Daniel E. Barrett

Executive Chef

Dan Barrett has worked in the field of culinary arts for 38 years, ranging from corporate hotels and resorts to family owned restaurants. He began cooking at the age of 15, realizing that cooking was his dream and passion. He continues that same passion for the job today. Dan has had the privilege of apprenticing and working beside some of Colorado’s best chefs. Working with the different chefs, he was able to enhance his skills and abilities and learn different styles of cooking. At the age of 24, Dan became a sous chef of one of the few 4-star restaurants in Denver. He then became banquet chef at the Radisson Hotel, featuring the largest banquet facility in Colorado at the time, serving up to 1,500 people. At the age of 27, Dan became executive chef at the Sheraton West in Lakewood, Colorado. He is one of the youngest chefs in their franchise history. Dan has always enjoyed doing weddings and special occasions, which give him the ability to showcase his talents such as garde manger and specialty dishes. He has taught many cooks the skills of the trade and has seen them go on to be chefs.
Below are a few highlights of Dan’s career before coming to Raccoon Creek:

  • As an Executive Chef, he has had the honor of cooking for Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Tony Dorsett, and Vice President George H. W. Bush.
  • He apprenticed under German chef Claude Dillenhiemer.
  • He worked under Boston Chef of the Year Michael Legg.
  • He was Banquet Chef under De Cuisine president, Michael Campe.
  • He was the chef at a mountain resort, as well as at a family owned steak and seafood house in Estes Park.
  • He was Corporate Chef for Dadiotis Golf Enterprises, which is responsible for running three golf courses.

Dan has been with the Grant family for several seasons and finds the management to be his second family.

Ryleigh Groner

Event Assistant

Ryleigh Groner has served as the Event Assistant for The Barn at Raccoon Creek since May 2016. She meets and tours with couples and assists in all aspects of wedding planning. Figuring out the tiny details and seeing everything come to fruition on the special day make her heart happy. Plus, she absolutely loves being surrounded by all that love!

Creative and detailed, Ryleigh started her wedding planning path 5 years ago by helping family and friends. Furthering her education, she received her Wedding Planning certificate through the NY Institute of Art & Design — she knew this was the career path for her.

Ryleigh has called Colorado home for the past 11 years but really feels like she is from all over the world because of the extensive moving and travel her family did while she was growing up — she’s been to 13 countries! She is an athlete who loves the outdoors and yoga. Her favorite place in the whole world is the beach. In her spare time, Ryleigh enjoys reading and swimming in the ocean. When she’s not outside, you can find her doing arts and crafts, and she is planning to learn hand lettering and calligraphy soon.